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Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to be kind to animals for school students -
Write an application to the BDO for relief for the flood-affected people of your area. -
Write a letter asking for a friendly football match -
Letter to your friend living outside of West Bengal narrating your experience of relief work in a flood-stricken area. -
letter to your friend describing your experience on a visit to a place of historical interes -
Write a letter to your brother regarding the necessity of taking physical exercise regularly -
Write a letter to your friend describing the annual sports of your school. -
Letter to landlord asking for rent receipt | Asking for receipt of house rent -
Write an application to the headmaster/headmistress of your school seeking permission to go on a study -
write a letter to the chairman of your union council or municipality to repair the road immediately. -
Write a letter to your father/friend telling him how you have done in the Examination. -
Write a letter to your father requesting him to send you money to buy a scout uniform. -
Your father was away from home for a month. So you could not pay your tuition fees for the last month for which you have to pay a delay fine. Now, write an application to your headmaster for the remission of delay fines. -
To a friend inviting him to join a picnic - বনভোজনের নিমন্ত্রণ জানিয়ে বন্ধুকে পত্র লিখ -
Personal Letter Format, How to Write Personal a Letters Step by Step With Picture -
Wanted an experienced junior clerk. Must be good at figures and able to do general office work, including typing -
Write an application in response to the following advertisement. Wanted salesmen to sell washing soaps on a commission basis -
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Write to the local police station to lodge a complaint against some young men who threatened you for Puja subscription -
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