Write a letter to your brother regarding the necessity of taking physical exercise regularly

Write a letter to your younger brother regarding the necessity of taking physical exercise regularly. [নিয়মিত শরীর চর্চার আবশ্যকতা জানিয়ে ছোট ভাইয়ের নিকট একখানা পত্র লেখো।]

physical exercise regularly




My dear Rohn,

I am sorry to learn from your mother's letter that you are quite indifferent to your health and neglecting all sorts of physical exercise. This is good in no way. A healthy mind in a healthy body is always necessary for preparing lessons, building character, earning money and what not! You must know that a healthy mind dwells only in a healthy body. And physical exercise is the only means that can develop health. You can be mentally and physically developed if you take physical exercise by playing indoor and outdoor games. Physical exercise teaches a person the virtue of discipline and thus develops one's character. The youngsters like you may achieve the spirit of co-operation and sacrificing Individual glory for the sake of the whole as the collective success. You should know that physical exercise, not only gives bodily health of the students but also moulds them to be worthy citizens of the 'morrow.

I Hope, you will start afresh all that you have left. Make yourself healthy and successful. With good wishes.

Affectionately yours,


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