How to write a Complaint Letter to the neighbour about the behaviour of children

How to write a Complaint Letter to the neighbour about the behaviour of children. Complaint to the neighbour about the behaviour of children

Dear Mr Sarkar,

Your daughters, Minu and Anu, are such lovable children that it is hard to write anything against them. For quite some time they have been coming to our house and everyone in our family likes them very much and we all look upon them as children of our family. But circumstances compel me to write lines against them.

My father has been suffering from heart trouble for the last four days. Doctors advise us to keep him always at rest, and not to disturb him in the least. We are making all possible arrangements for a calm and quiet atmosphere at home which he badly requires. But unfortunately, your children make so much noise that the father often feels disturbed. We have asked your children not to disturb him and play near his room. But they have not cared to listen to us.

You are, therefore, requested to make your children understand the delicate situation and direct them not to make a noise near the father's room.

 I hope you will not misunderstand me.

Reply to the above.

Dear Mr Das,

Yours sincerely, R. K. Das

I am really very sorry to note that your ailing has been disturbed by my children. It has been very bad on their part and I have not only rebuked them but also made them understand the wrong they have done. They have, I think, understood the gravity of the situation. They have also promised not to do it again. It is true that children's promises are seldom kept. But what else can be done in this matter? Yes, one thing can be done. They can be prevented from going to your house until your father recovers. But I am afraid, it will be a bit harsh. I think you also do not want it. So it is better to give them a chance and watch how they behave henceforth.

I would request you to please let me know if they cause any sort of disturbance in your house in future.

I hope your father has improved by this time.

Yours sincerely, 

M. N. Sarkar

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