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Write a paragraph on Your Home' with the help of the following points: Introduction location-surround ing-rooms-members-professions relation with the members-area sons for your fondness for home.

My Home

My Home

'East and West, my home is the best.' Really sweet is my home. In a word, the surrounding is very uplifting. It is in a village. Green trees surround my home. At a distance lie vast stretches of fields. I sight their greenness from my home. There are four rooms in our house. Two of them are bedrooms, one guest room and the rest is my study room. The rooms are big airy and lighted. I live with my parents, sister and grandparents. Papa is a teacher. Caring mom manages the households. Grandma helps her. My grandpa is not keeping well. All of us take care of him. My sister is full of life. A sweet smile always plays on her lips. I love her dearly. Everybody loves me. Hence, a day's absence from home makes me homesick. My home is my heaven, an abode of peace and joy.

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