SELF-EMPLOYMENT Paragraph Within 300 Words

SELF-EMPLOYMENT: Write a paragraph about Self-employment. Mention its importance, how many per cent of people are working in different sources such as agricultural and non-agricultural departments.


Self-employment is the best way of earning a livelihood. In our country, about 74% of our working people are employed in some kind of agricultural work. The remaining 26% of our working people are engaged in non-agricultural work. People in agricultural work need land and cattle and those in non-agricultural work require the ability to succeed in life. A self-employed man can be a tailor, a carpenter, a potter, a weaver, a mechanic, a repairman, a trader, a painter, a singer or an actor. A self-employed man finds life challenging. The largest number of people who are not self-employed are employed by the government, the railway and the armed forces.

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