Begum Rokeya short paragraph within 10 Lines

Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain( 9 December 1880. – 9 December 1932), commonly known as Begum Rokeya, was a Bengali feminist thinker, writer, educator and political activist from British India (present-day Bangladesh). She is widely regarded as a pioneer of women's liberation in South Asia.

Begum Rokeya

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Begum Rokeya Short Paragraph

Points: date of birth: 9.12.1880-place of birth: Pairabondh village, Bangladesh-never went to Rangpur, school-educated herself-brother and husband helped her – wrote books: 'Sultana's Dream', 'Motichur' and 'Padmarag'. - founder of Sakhawat Memorial Girls' School-died at 52 years

Begum Rokeya was a great social reformer. She was born on 9 December 1880 at Pairabondh village in Rangpur, Bangladesh. She never went to school but she was a self-taught person. Her brother and husband helped her in learning many subjects. She wrote many books, namely. 'Sultana's Dream', 'Motichur' and 'Padmarag'. She founded Sakhawat Memorial Girls' School. She passed away at the age of 52 years only.

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Full NameBegum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain
 December 9, 1880
 Pairaband, Mithapukur, Rangpur
 House Education
 Writer, Muslim Feminist
Years active:
Spouse (s):
 Khan Bahadur Sakhawat Hussain
Zodiac sign:

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