Necessity of Learning English Paragraph 250 Words

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Necessity of Learning English


English is an international language that is spoken all over the world. If one does not know English well one can not get a better job Even in our country job facilities depend still on the learning of this language. If one wants to be a pilot or a tourist guide he must know how to speak English. One needs to learn English even if he finds a job in the post office or in a bag hotel. If a  man wants to be a telephone operator or a postman he und know how to make calls to foreign countries or how to read addresses on envelopes. If a man wants to be a secretary in a big company, he must know how to read and understand letters written in English If a man wants to be a radio repairman, a mechanic. He must know how to read the handbook or the manual written in English Acroplanes fly over many countries Pilots cannot speak all the languages. They talk to each other in English and they talk to the airports in English In a big hotel most of the foreigners speak English. So we find without learning English one cannot be a captain of a ship or a navigator or a policeman or a librarian So the necessity of learning English cannot be overlooked

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