Science in the service of man Paragraph within 300 Words

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Science in the service of man

[ Hints: What science means to us--Importance of science in our life-how it serves man today and brings about changes in our society-conclusion.]

Science in the service of man

Science means systematic and formulated knowledge. It also means power and progress. With the help of science and technology, man has conquered nature. He has controlled different natural forces and used them for the welfare of human life and civilization.

Now the importance of science in our life cannot be denied. Our life is mostly regulated by the power of science, It guides and solves all human problems. It makes our mind free and purifies our soul. It drives out all the superstitions from us. It helps us to judge a thing in the light of reason.

Science has invented various kinds of things which help us to live comfortably. Such as electric light, fan, pressure cooker, refrigerator, air-cooler, heater etc. Radio, television and cinema give us pleasure and amusement. Quick means of travel has made the world very small. Aeroplanes, ships, trains, trams, buses carry us to distant places. Science has given man various machines. The machines produce various types of goods and a relieved man from bearing labour. Now incurable diseases are going to be cured. Telephone, telegraph, wireless, internet enable us to send a message to distant places. Computers have brought a great change in our life. Science has given man comfort, pleasure and security. It has driven away ignorance, superstitions and fear.

Without science civilized life is impossible. But sometimes science is wrongly used. Great nations are using science for making deadly weapons. But science should be used for the benefit of mankind.

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