A Fisherman Paragraph 200 Words, Fisherman paragraph for class 11

Describe the life of a Fisherman. Mention his daily activities. struggles and his role in the economy. A fisherman paragraph for class 12, a fisherman paragraph for class 5, the life of a fisherman paragraph for SSC, a fisherman paragraph for class 11, write a short note on the harsh life of a fisherman, about fisherman life in English, a fisherman paragraph for hsc, the life of a fisherman paragraph.



to Bangladesh about half a million people live by fishing in our country the sources of fish are rivers ponds, ditches, haors and canals The fishermen catch fish and sell it to markets. Sometimes they fish in the sea in groups But it is a matter of regret that the poor fishermen suffer for want of nets and boats. They work hard day and night Their life is very uncertain because they go away from home to fish in the sea. The fishermen play an important role in the economy of our country.

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