Air Pollution Paragraph 200 words

Write a paragraph about air pollution. Describe make is the main things that cause air pollution.  air pollution essay 2000 words, air pollution essay 500 words, paragraph on pollution, air pollution essay for class 5, environment pollution paragraph, air pollution essay Wikipedia, essay on air pollution pdf, article on air pollution


Air can be polluted in many ways Smoke is one of them which pollutes air most All kinds of smoke pollute the air in the developed countries smokes from various factory chimneys is the main source of air pollution We pollute the air with smoke by burning all kinds of fuel for cooking our food. We use fire to make bricks and burn to refuse We make a fire to melt pitch for road construction. Railway engines and powerhouses burn coal and oil Mills industries and factories burn coal oil, gas and many chemicals Buses trucks and cars bur petrol and diesel and many chemicals All these produce smoke and pollule air. The bigger is the city, the larger is the number of industries and transports the greater is air pollution. 

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