WATER POLLUTION Paragraph within 300 Words

Write a paragraph about water pollution. Mention water's importance, how it gets polluted, chemical trefertizers, poisonous chemicals, wastages, unsanitary latrines et's. cause the water pollution.


Water is a very important element of the human environment like air. It can also get pollisted by various man-made sources on waste things. The chemical fertilizer and insects killing medicines are such sources. Nowadays farmers use various kinds of chemical fertilizers in the agricultural fields and they also use other chemicals to kill insects. When used in large quantities in the agricultural lands, some of it may be washed down by rain and it mixes with river or canal or pond water. Mills and factories. use many poisonous chemicals. When they throw their waste products into rivers and canals some of the poisonous chemicals mix up with the water. Steamers, motor launches sailing boats and different water transports throw oil, food waste and human waste into rivers which cause much pollution of water. Unsanitary latrines built on the side of the rivers, canals, ponds and drains leading to them are other dangerous sources of water pollution in our country.

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