A Tourist Guide Paragraph 300 Word

Describe his works and activities, how he is helpful to the visitors or tourists, what he has to lesson to be a tourist guide. how should be his nature and behaviour? a fisherman paragraph for class 12, a fisherman paragraph for class 5, the life of a fisherman paragraph for SSC, a fisherman paragraph for class 11, write a short note on the harsh life of a fisherman, about fisherman life in English, a fisherman paragraph for hsc, the life of a fisherman paragraph.



A tourist guide means a person who guides the tourists A tourist guide is an important person. Bangladesh has many natural resources. So it attracts many tourists For this reason, tourists need guides. A tourist guide shows the visitors their school. mosque, temple, Upazila headquarters and the natural resources of Bangladesh. A tourist guide is required to be good at history. Many tourists need a hotel to stay in. A tourist guide welcomes them and is ready to help them with necessary things. He needs to calculate the money he receives from them. He also must be prompt and active in all his work. There is a Tourism Training Institute in Dhaka. Many Tourist Guides come from this institute after completing a short course training. A tourist guide is polite and amiable in nature.

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