Paragraph on Why do we love books within 300 Words

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Why do we love books

Why do we love books?

[Hints: Books- never- failing friends- storehouse of knowledge- windows to the world outside - contact with the great minds and its effect upon our mind.]

It is now hard to think of a world without books. Five hundred years ago there were very few books. They all had to be written by hands and it took years to make even one. But now books are printed. Thoughts of great men are bound in books in the form of language. Men may betray us but books never betray anybody. So books are really our best friends. They are also our guides, philosophers and guardians of our souls.

Books are a storehouse of knowledge. It gives us various types of knowledge and information. Books satisfy the hunger for knowledge. It can intimate with the culture of all ages. It also helps to spread education and culture. Books are also the best source of enjoyment to a man tired of works. Reading books is very useful as it makes a man happy and cheerful. We read books for knowledge, for pleasure and sometimes to kill time. Reading does not tire us but it increases our appetite. Books contact us with great thoughts, different characters and a lot of information. We learn what they said or did. These affect our mind.

Choice of books is necessary. No man can read all the books published in all the languages of the word. Hundreds of books are being published every day in the world. So selection is necessary. We must avoid bad books and save our valuable time. A man has taste and is a good citizen if he reads good books. We should select our books according to our interest.

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