Paragraph on The locality you live in and its people Within 300 Words

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[Hints: Description of the place and its people -means of communication with the educational institutions, offices, shopping centres etc.-means of livelihood of the people-your impressions about then.]

The locality you live in and its people

The locality you live in and its people

I live in a village. The name of my village is Debipur. It is in the district of Burdwan. It is a small village. My village has a 'Gram Panchayat'. It looks after the village people and solves different problems. There is a primary school and a secondary school in our village. There is a Bazar with few shops. Villagers buy things of their daily need from these shops. Beside the Bazar, there is a co-operative bank.

There is a small river in our village. It helps the villagers in many ways. There is a temple of Shiva' on the bank of the river. People go there to worship God. There is a bus route beside the village. People go from one place to another and outside the village with the help of bi-cycle, rikshaw van, auto-rickshaw and bus.

Most of the villagers are farmers. They live in small houses, they are poor. They lead a very simple and honest life. They are very sweet in manners and behaviour. There are some mean and selfish people. But they can not do any harm to others as there is a peace Committee in our village. Some people are engaged in business. The villagers celebrate different festivals. They forget their sorrows and suffering of everyday life. Beauty, peace and freshness are the features of our village.

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