Paragraph on Planing for an Excursion within 300 words

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Planing for an Excursion

Planing for an Excursion

[ Hints: Where to go-purpose of excursion-members of the team-expected period of excursion-route to follow difficulties, if any, while away from home and how to overcome them looking forward to an exciting adventure, a dream of youth.]

There is a mad desire in man's heart that does not allow him to rest in one place for a long time. So from earliest days, he has travelled in spite of danger and difficulties. As we are curious we planned for an excursion. The purpose of our excursion is to see the unseen and to know the unknown. We decided to go to Delhi. We means-a few members of our club. It will be at least seven days' excursion when our school will remain closed due to puja vacation. Our journey will be by train from Howrah station. The name of the train is Rajdhani express. It will follow the route Howrah-Mughalsarai- Kanpur-Delhi.

From my childhood, I have never spent a night without my parents. So my mother is unwilling to send me to such a long distance with my friends. But the secretary of our club who is an experienced man, give her assurance about our safety. At last, she agrees to send me with them. We have read many things about Delhi but to see everything in our own eyes is more attractive. A dream of youth will turn into reality. This is a great joy to me.

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