The Forest and its Importance in Human Life Paragraph between 200- 300 Words

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[ Hints of The forest and its importance in human life paragraph: A forest as we know it-  its utility in human life - brings rain prevents flood- stop the erosion of soil, maintains oxygen and carbon dioxide balance- supplies wood- the present condition of our forest suggestions for improvement-conclusion. ]

The Forest and its Importance in Human Life

Trees creat forest. Various kinds of trees and plants are found in the forest. We can not think of life without trees. Life is nurtured by the trees in many ways. Man and forests are dependent on each other. It has great utility in human life.

Forests bring clouds, clouds bring rain and rain brings our harvest. Forest prevents erosion of soil and flood. It provides us with oxygen in return of carbon-di-oxide. It maintains ecological balance. It gives us shade. From the forest, we get timber for furniture, varieties of gum, Turpin, rubber, medicine, honey, wax, fuel and many other useful things. Forest check environmental pollution.

The number of forests is gradually decreasing in our country. Once deforestation was highly prescribed to solve the ever-increasing population pressure and the rapid growth of industrialization. But now it is felt that deforestation is very harmful. Deforestation has turned big areas into deserts and made rainfall scarce. Seasons have become irregular. The natural environment is going to be polluted. We should not destroy the forest. In view of the importance of forest, it must be preserved and extended further. Afforestation, nowadays, is an important matter of our daily life. Afforestation programme is known as 'Banomahatsay' is now being observed with great interest and enthusiasm.

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