An interesting film show paragraphs between 200-225 words

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[Hints: Name of the show or programme - short description - why interesting - date and time - short your impression ]

An interesting film show

The film I have recently seen is Pather Panchali by Bibhuti Bhusan Bandyopadhyay. During Last puja vacation, some of my friends visited my house and I enjoyed this film with them. The story deals with the village boy who had to struggle a lot to overcome his poverty and suffering. Apu, Durge, Sarbajaya and Harihar are the chief characters of this film. Harihar is a priest and he can hardly manage his family. Apu's sister Durga met a sad and premature death. The family took it to be a heavy loss. Apu could not prevéht himself from remembering his sweet sister Durga. 

It was really a good film. I have been greatly impressed by this film. I felt sympathy for the family and my eyes were full of tears at the time of seeing this sad film. The film is just the representative of many poor and suffering families in our country. 

I have seen many films dealing with a sad story but of them, this is the saddest one. Satyajit Roy is the director of this film and has depicted all the characters perfectly.

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