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Hint Leisure Paragraph: Why necessary - various ways of spending spare time - its use and misuse- conclusion.


Leisure is necessary for man's life. It increases a man's efficiency. There is no doubt that there is a limit to the capacity of the human mind and body. The man who works for a long period suffers a set back in his health. Leisure gives us rest and adds the length of our life.

There are various ways of spending spare time. Different men utilise spare time or leisure in different ways according to their taste. Reading the newspaper and various kinds of books, gossiping, fishing, watching television, gardening, walking, enjoying the natural beauty, taking part in indoor games, drawing and painting, writing etc. are some ways of spending spare time. There are some persons who spend their spare time in idleness. We must spend our leisure or spare time in a healthy way i.e. which is useful for the body or mind. An idle man does not know how to use spare time properly. Spare time spent in a riotous way exhaust us more than work. We m not waste even a single moment uselessly.

The modern man is busy from dawn to dusk. He requires leisure to smooth his tired nerves. A man who is a slave to his work is unhappy. Even the poorest persons should take leisure from his work if he wants to make himself and others happy.

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