Letter to Brother Advising to Read English Newspaper Daily within 200 Words

Your brother, who lives in a boarding school, read nothing beyond his school texts. Write to him a letter: (between 120-130 words) about the utility of reading the daily newspaper. or Letter to Brother Advising to Read English Newspaper Daily within 200 Words.

Dhakdhile High School


P.O. Kushmandi
Dist: Dakshin Dinajpur

My dear Ranjan

You wrote to me that you read nothing except school texts But it is bad. You must read the newspaper daily for the following reasons. 

Newspaper plays a most important part in our life. It is very useful in the modern age. Modern life is incomplete without a newspaper. It supplies various kinds of information on different topics. It is the storehouse of knowledge. It contains news about politics, trade and commerce, games and sports etc. we get in il weather reports and articles on different topics. The editorials and the letters to the editor highlight current issues. These form public opinion. The newspaper is the best medium of advertisement. It makes us conscious about the good or bad acts of the government Newspaper is a kind of food which meets our mental hunger

Hope that you will be interested in reading the daily newspaper.

Yours affectionately,


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