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[ Hints- Its object-various modes of travelling-a part of education-opportunities of acquaintance with men and manners a source of pleasure-means of gaining health and happiness.]

Man wants to know the unknown and see the unseen and it is for this reason that man has become a traveller. The object of his travel was once a search for food. But when the problem of food was solved he could not stay in one place.

There are various modes of travelling, such as roadways, railways, inland and overseas waterways, airways etc. Travelling is a part of education. It helps us to understand the history of the past. There are fine pictures of the ruins of Mohenjodaro, Harappa, Taxila. Nalanda. Sarnath and other places of historical importance. When we ourselves stand in the midst of those ruins and walk about them. we can get a clear picture which no photograph can show. The student who has seen the Taj with his own eyes can describe it much better than a boy who has read about it in history. The climate of Simla or Darjeeling can be understood by one who has been there for some time. Travelling also helps to get firsthand knowledge of ancient art and architecture of any country.

Travelling helps man to know the world he lives in. We may read books about the lives of different people living in different countries, but if we do not visit those countries we cannot get a better and clear idea about them. Travelling is a source of pleasure. It is also a means of gaining health and happiness.

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