Write a letter to your friend describing an accident

Write a letter to your friend describing an accident. একটি দুর্ঘটনার বর্ণনা দিয়া তােমার বন্ধুর নিকট একটি পত্র লিখ।)


My dear Ratan,

My hand trembles to describe a horrible accident which took place in the last evening. I was going along the station road, A truck was running at a high speed along the Malda road. At that time an old man was crossing the same path. Probably he was a newcomer in the town. He was unmindful of the truck's approach. The driver tried his best to control the speed of the truck but to no purpose. The truck ran over the body of that old man. Passers-by raised a hue and cry and came to the spot. The man was fatally wounded and he was lying unconscious in a pool of blood. It was a terrible sight. Still, I shudder at the scene. How uncertain our life is! So, I advise you to be cautious in crossing the road. No more today. I am well. My Salam to your parents. 

Your loving friend,


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