The student life Essay | Essay on Student's life

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The student life Essay | Essay on Student's life

Introduction: Student life is the period of life which a man spends from primary school to university for receiving peace education. It is the best part of life, because a student gathers knowledge. learns to form character and acquires skill from schools and colleges.

The seed time of life:
Student life is the seed time of life. If a student so pod seed he will reap good harvest. It goes the proverb. "As you sow, so shall you reap. 

Duty of a student: 
The first and foremost duty of a student is to study and acquire knowledge. A student should make a routine of his daily duties and act according to it. He should obey his teachers and parents and follow their advice. He should form some good habits. He should the early read timely. have his food timely and take exercise regularly. A student must read prescribed text books. In addition to this, he should ad newspapers and magazines to enrich his knowledge. He should learn to be punctual, honest, sincere and out spoken in this period.

Social service : 
Students can do good to societies. They can establish clubs in their area. The members of the club can collect funds funds and spend them for the good of the poor people of the area. These sort of social service should be rendered during school and college life.

Conclusion: The student life is free from cares and anxieties. The aim of a student should be to make himself a good citizen. This is the proper time for preparing himself to sacrifice his life for the country.

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