Physical Exercise Essay 500 words, Physical Exercise Essay for KIDS

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Physical Exercise Essay 500 words

Physical Exercise

Introduction : Physical exercise means the movement of Limbs according to rules. Without it, one can built and enjoy sound health.
Kinds of Physical exercise : Physical exercise are of two kinds i)  free hand exercise and (ii) exercise with instruments Swimming riding, rowing walking running etc are free hand exercise. These are not suitable for all ages and sexes. Those who are strong in body can take physical exercise with instruments like bar-ball dumb bells to build the bodies Walking is the best form of exercise. It is suitable for the old and the weak.

Proper time and place for exercise Physical exercise: Physical exercise should be taken in an open field in the morning and evening. Fresh air is necessary for exercise One should take exercise in a closed room and on an empty stomach. It also harmful fee to take exercise just after taking meals.

Necessity of exercise: 
Exercise is very necessary for making our limbs strong It increases the power digestion ( fssai and helps us to enjoy sound sleep at night There is a close carnection from q between the body and the mind It goes the proverb Sound mind resides in a sound body.

Bad effects of over exercise : Physical exercise does good to us no doubt but over exercise tells upon health. So exercise should be taken regularly and proportionately.

Conclusion: No one can deny the necessity and utility of Physical exercise We know that health is wealth So we should take exercise regularly to preserve our health. Exercise is best means to keep in the best wealth of human life.

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