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Discipline Essay for Students



 Discipline is a Latin word which means obedience of rules. Man lives in society. A man must obey a certain rules and regulations for the sake of order in the of society. It ensures order.

Necessity of discipline:

 As a social being a man must abide by some rules of the society. Obedience to rules is called discipline. In the absence of discipline there will prevail chaos and confusion in the society. It is necessary in every walk of life. It is essential in the family, schools, colleges, universities, playground and in the army. Nothing can be done well without discipline.

Discipline in early life

One must learn the lesson of discipline from one's childhood. He should learn to rise early, to read timely, to go to school in time and to listen to his lessons attentively. He should learn to obey his parents and superiors from the very beginning of his life. Habit of discipline once formed in ones's nature he can never be disciplined in life.

Discipline in state affairs

Freedom cannot be well-enjoyed without discipline. Liberty is not a license to do whatever we like. In fact liberty does not mean license. Strict discipline must be followed to enjoy freedom well. State affairs cannot run smoothly without discipline. If the citizens of a country lack the sense of discipline, there prevails disorders. In the civilized and prosperous countries people are well disciplined.

We should fully realize the value of discipline and try our best to practise it throughout our life. The prosperity of an individual and a nation depends on disciple.

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