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Essay on Jute

 JUTE (পাট)

Introduction  : Jute is a kind of fibre . It obtained from the bark of jute plant. It looks golden. It is as valuable as gold. It is cash crop of Bangladesh.

Where it is grown : It grows well in hot and moist climate. Low land is fit for its growth. Bangladesh is rich in growing jute.

Method of cultivation: The cultivation of jute is not an easy task. Farmers plough the land properly  in March and April, they manure the land and weedout the grass before sowing seeds. Then they sow the seeds. Soon the plants cover the field. The plants attain full size within four or five months. Then they are cut down and put under water to rot. The fibre of the rotten plant are taken off. It is then washed and dried. Thus jute becomes ready for sale in the market.

Usefulness  : Jute is very useful to us. It brings a lot of Taka to our country. The prosperity of our country depends on it. It is our national wealth. This is why it is called the golden fibre of Bangladesh. Gunny bags, ropes, mats and carpets are also made of it.

Conclusion : Jute is a cash crop of Bangladesh. It is our main wealth. So we should take special care for its production .

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