The Curse of Communalism in India Short essay Within 400 Words

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 The Curse of Communalism in India

[Hints : India-a land of many religious faiths-main features being unity in the diversity-her rich past-recent rise of communalism for narrow political gains-threat to national unity-suggestions for remedial measures.]

India, our mother-land, is one of the largest countries of the world not only in its area but also in its population. There are different types of communities of different religions, castes, cultures, languages etc. in India. There are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jains etc. belonging to various religious faiths in India. Some of them believe in images (alt), but others do not. In spite of the existence of so many religious faiths, the people of India lived together in amity and were united in ancient India. In India, there are many places where mosques, temples, churches etc. are standing side by side, even in the same building. Unity in diversity is the main feature of India. We are proud of our generosity, tolerance, nobility and ability to co-existence in our social life. In the reign of the Great Mughal emperor, Akbar, all religions were respected equally

People of India were united in the days of the freedom movement but the British Government adopted the divide and rule' policy and provoked communalism among the Indian people for their narrow political gains and our united India was divided into two parts. Some narrow-minded opportunist leaders being communal, are responsible for the recent rise of violent communalism and some religious maniacs are adding fuel to communalism. Foreign powers are not less responsible for breaking our communal harmony. The secessionist (Fifozitoriut) movement on the basis of religion in Punjab and Kashmir is a great threat to our national unity.

At present, India is at stake politically and financially for some unavoidable reasons. We should make our people aware of the necessity and importance of communal harmony for the sake of the country. We should behave with one another as a member of the same family. Some positive remedial measures must be taken not merely lip-service. Our Government along with non-communalist leaders should shoulder the responsibility of maintaining communal harmony through newspapers, Television, Radio, Cinema and non-communal performances. Secular teaching should be introduced in the curriculum in schools and colleges. Above all, we should remember, "United we stand, divided we fall'.

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