The Cow Essay, Short Essay on Cow in English

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The Cow Essay

The Cow Essay

Introduction  :
The cow is a domestic animal. It is a very useful animal. She is mild and gentle. The infants and sick persons live on her milk.
Description  :
The cow is a four footed animal. Her body is covered with short hair. She has two eyes, two ears and a long tail. She has a long head. There two horns on her head.

Kinds :
Cows are of many kinds and colour. Some are white, some are red and some are black.

Food : The cow lives on grass, straw and bran etc. She is very fond of oilcake.

The cow is gentle by nature. She gives birth to one calf at a time. She is very fond of her calf.

Where found : Cows are found all over the world

Usefulness :
The cow is a very useful animal. She gives us milk. Milk is an ideal food. Many children live on her milk. We get butter ghee , cheese and curd from her milk. Cow-dung is a good manure. Shoes bags, balls etc. are made of her skin.

Conclusion : The cow is very useful to us. So Ar we should be very kind to her and should take great care of her.

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