THE RAINY SEASON, Essay on Rainy Season

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Introduction : 
There are six seasons in our country. The red season is one of theme. It lasts for two months. These two months are 'Ashar' and 'Srabon. It comes just after the summer.

Description : 
During the rainy season the sky becomes cloudy. The sun is not visible for days together. Sometimes it rains cats and dogs and sometimes it drizzles . The water fills up rivers, canals, tanks and ponds to the brim. Roads and fields go under water.

The rain season is very useful to us Paddy and Jute grow well in the field. It lessens the heat of the summer and washes away the dirty things of the land.

Disadvantages :
The rainy season is not free from disadvantages. People cannot go out of doors to earn their bread. Floods occur and destroy our crops

It is a useful season for us. Its economic value is very great. Inspite of that many people don't welcome it.
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