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value of time

The value of time 

Introduction: Time is life. It is very limited . Man has to do a lot of things in this limited time. So none should waste time in vain.  To waste time means to shorten life. Time is the most valuable thing of human Life. We may regain any other lost things. but lost time goes on forever. It can never be regained.

Time waits for none: There is a proverb. Time and tide wait for none It passes on so quickly that no power on earth can stop it. So we should always remain alert and made the best use our time

How to use time:  Man's life is full of purposes. These purposes can be fulfilled by utilizing time properly. For the proper use of time every one should have a time table. This time table be followed strictly. Success in life depends on the proper use of time. No one should put off any works for tomorrow. If any one does so, he is sure to fail in life.

Utilisation of time is the key to success: Those who while away time meet failure in life and suffer in the long run. The idle men are the burden of the society as well as of the country. They are hated by all. On the other hand, the persons who utilise time, come out successful. History tells us that all the great men of the world utilised their life-time. This has made them immortal , on earth.  So it can be said that utilisation of time is the key to success

Conclusion: Man must leave this mortal world. So to live in peace on this earth as well as in the next world man should make the best use of time. Everybody should do worldly and religious duties in in proper time.
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