Programming Languages MCQ Question and Answer SET-II

Question and Answer SET-2

Programming Languages MCQ Question

Question 1:Which of the following is not true of FORTRAN?
  • a. it was developed for scientific and mathematical applications
  • b. it is one of the oldest high-level languages
  • c. it is a problem oriented language
  • d. it requires extensive internal documentation
  • e. all of above

Question 2:All of the following are divisions of the COBOL program except:
  • a. input-output
  • b. indentification
  • c. procedure
  • d. data
  • e. all of above divisions

Question 3:In a COBOL program, the input output section is within the .... division
  • a. identification
  • b. procedure
  • c. configuration
  • d. environment
  • e. none of above

Question 4:Which of hte following is not characteristic of COBOL
  • a. it is a very standardized language
  • b. it is a very efficient in terms of coding and execution
  • c. it has limited facilities for mathematical notation
  • d. it is very readable language
  • e. all of the above are characteristics

Question 5:Which of the following is an example of problem oriented language?
  • a. BASIC
  • b. PL/1
  • c. FORTRAN
  • d. All of above
  • e. none of above

Question 6:In the evaluation of a computer language, all of the following characteristics should be considered except?
  • a. application oriented features
  • b. efficiency
  • c. readability
  • d. softare development aids
  • e. hardware maintainance costs

Question 7:A factor in the selection of a source language is
  • a. programmer skill
  • b. language availability
  • c. program compatibility with other software
  • d. all of the above

Question 8:A computer generated output that lets programmer follow the execution of their programs line by line is a
  • a. core dump
  • b. trace routine
  • c. detail listing
  • d. source listing

Question 9:In BASIC, description comments are put in the source program with the
  • a. PRINT statement
  • b. REMARK statement
  • c. INPUT statement
  • d. DATA statement

Question 10:Which of the following generations of language will likely include the languages of the featuer?
  • a. first generation
  • b. second dgeneration or third generation
  • c. fourth generation
  • d. fifth generation
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1. b       2.a       3.d       4.b       5.d       6.e       7.d      8.b       9.b       10.c


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