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Programming Languages MCQ Question and Answer SET-II

Question and Answer SET-2

Programming Languages MCQ Question

Question 1:Which of the following is not true of FORTRAN?
  • a. it was developed for scientific and mathematical applications
  • b. it is one of the oldest high-level languages
  • c. it is a problem oriented language
  • d. it requires extensive internal documentation
  • e. all of above

Question 2:All of the following are divisions of the COBOL program except:
  • a. input-output
  • b. indentification
  • c. procedure
  • d. data
  • e. all of above divisions

Question 3:In a COBOL program, the input output section is within the .... division
  • a. identification
  • b. procedure
  • c. configuration
  • d. environment
  • e. none of above

Question 4:Which of hte following is not characteristic of COBOL
  • a. it is a very standardized language
  • b. it is a very efficient in terms of coding and execution
  • c. it has limited facilities for mathematical notation
  • d. it is very readable language
  • e. all of the above are characteristics

Question 5:Which of the following is an example of problem oriented language?
  • a. BASIC
  • b. PL/1
  • c. FORTRAN
  • d. All of above
  • e. none of above

Question 6:In the evaluation of a computer language, all of the following characteristics should be considered except?
  • a. application oriented features
  • b. efficiency
  • c. readability
  • d. softare development aids
  • e. hardware maintainance costs

Question 7:A factor in the selection of a source language is
  • a. programmer skill
  • b. language availability
  • c. program compatibility with other software
  • d. all of the above

Question 8:A computer generated output that lets programmer follow the execution of their programs line by line is a
  • a. core dump
  • b. trace routine
  • c. detail listing
  • d. source listing

Question 9:In BASIC, description comments are put in the source program with the
  • a. PRINT statement
  • b. REMARK statement
  • c. INPUT statement
  • d. DATA statement

Question 10:Which of the following generations of language will likely include the languages of the featuer?
  • a. first generation
  • b. second dgeneration or third generation
  • c. fourth generation
  • d. fifth generation
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1. b       2.a       3.d       4.b       5.d       6.e       7.d      8.b       9.b       10.c

Basic Computer Knowledge Questions and Answer

Today, In this post share some Basic-Computer-Knowledge Questions and Answer , i hope that this question and answer help you for any competitive exam.

Question and answers

1) The improvement of computer hardware theory is summarized by which law.? A.) Metcalf’s law     B.) Bill’s Law
C.) Grove’s law     D.) Moore’s First Law

  • Answer: Option 'D'
  • Moore’s First Law
2) The most widely used computer device is.
A.) Solid state disks     B.) External hard disk
C.) Internal hard disk    D.) Mouse

  • Answer: Option 'C'
  • Internal hard disk

3)  _______ are software which is used to do particular task.
A.) Operating system     B.) Program
C.) Data     D.) Software

Answer: Option 'B'

4)  Who is father of modern computers?
A.) Abraham Lincoln     B.) James Gosling
C.) Charles Babbage    D.) Gordon E. Moore

  • Answer: Option 'C'
  • Charles Babbage

5) How many generations of computers we have?
A.) 6    B.) 7
C.) 5     D.) 4

  • Answer: Option 'C'
  • 5
6) ________ controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means by which users can interact with the computer.
A.) The operating system    B.) The motherboard
C.) The platform     D.) Application software

  • Answer: Option 'A'
  • The operating system

7) All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks EXCEPT:
A.) Viruses    B.) Hackers
C.) Spam     D.) Identity theft.

  • Answer: Option 'C'
  • Spam

8) The term 'Pentium' is related to
A.) DVD    B.) Hard Disk
C.) Microprocessor     D.) Mouse

  • Answer: Option 'C'
  • Microprocessor

10) What does HTTP stands for?
A.) Head Tail Transfer Protocol    B.) Hypertext Transfer Protocol
C.) Hypertext Transfer Plotter     D.) Hypertext Transfer Plot
  •  Answer: Option 'B'
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol


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