How to Convert Blog, Website Posts to PDF Format

Here in this article i am going to share, how to easily convert the Blog posts/Blog/Website to a Pdf file ? So you can easily refer that Blog Post without the connection of Internet.

Follow the Below Instructions

How to convert Blog post to PDF

  • Simply Go to http://pdfmyurl.com 
  • Give the URL of Blog post you want to convert(Look the Fig. below) 
 Convert Blog, Website Posts to PDF file
  •  Then Click the button P on the left side
  • That's all.You will get the PDF file.

Get PDF file of Blog post in this Blog.

  • Simply open the Blog post you want to Convert.
  • At the end of post there are some sharing buttons (Please share via Facebook,Twitter,etc) ,you will see an icon  P that like you found on the http://pdfmyurl.com,(Shown in below Fig.)  Click it
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