A Tea Srall Paragraph for All Student within 300 words

Describe about a tea stall. Mention its decorations, its parts, items of food, meeting place of friends, discussion etc. 

Tea Srall


A tea stall is a common sight in both towns and villages. A tea stall may be big or small. Small tea stalls are generally housed in tin-sheds. Some tea-stalls are neat and clean but some are very nasty. A tea stall has normally two parts. In the front part there are chairs, tables and show-cases. Various items of food are preserved in the show cases. In the other part, there is the kitchen. In some tea-stalls daily newspapers and weekly magazines are available. Radio or gramophone is kept to/draw the attention of the customers. A tea stall is a meeting place of friends. Discussions on a wide variety of topics, mostly hot discussions on current politics, are held in a tea stall. A tea -stall is thus a busy and noisy place from dawn till late at night.

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