Cottage Industries In Banladesh Essay within 600 words

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Cottage Industries


Outlines: Introduction: Kinds of cottage industries: Cottage industries in the past. Present condition: Cause of decay: How to revive them: Conclusion. 

Introduction: Bangladesh is a poor agricultural country. Only the agricultural output cannot meet the need of her large population. So the people produce a variety of commodities at home by small machines to supplement their low income. They do not require much capital or land organization. Only some artisans work in them. 

Kinds of cottage industries: 

There are many kinds of cottage industries in Bangladesh. Among them, the hand loom Industry, carpet, conch-shell and ivory, silk Industry, brass and metal industry, pottery and carpentary industry are mostly remarkable. Besides these, there are shawl, bag, comb and soap making industries. The cane and bamboo works of Sylhet and Chittagong have an important place in this field.

Cottage industries in the past: 

Once Bangladesh was famous for its cottage industries, the Muslin cloth of Dhaka had world wide fame and demand.

Present condition: 

Our hand-made goods can no longer compete with machine-made goods. They are at present in dying condition. They are facing many problems that deserve an immediate solution.

Cause of decay: 

There are many causes of the decay of our cottage industries, Among them the Introduction of large-scale industries, the cost of handmade goods and the entrance of foreign fancy goods in our country are mostly liable. Further, the poverty of our people is also responsible for the decaying condition of our industry,

How to revive them: 

We have enough raw materials in our country. We must utilize them to the fullest extent in order to grow our own economy With this end in view we must co-operate with our government in developing these industries. The government should also make arrangements to provide loans at easy terms to the artisans.


The cottage industry is the backbone of our rural economy So we must not ignore its Importance. It is a matter of joy that our government have already taken various steps to revive its past glory.

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