Agriculture in Bangladesh || Agriculture in India With PDF

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Agriculture in Bangladesh

Agriculture in Bangladesh

Outlines: Introduction: Bad condition of our agriculture: First necessity-eduction of peasants: Other requisite measures; Conclusion.


Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. About 80% of her population live by agriculture. It provides food grains to our people and raw materials for our developing industries.

Bad condition of our agriculture:

 But agriculture in our country is not in a happy condition. The soll of Bangladesh is very fertile but the method of agriculture is still old. Our peasants have no idea of the modern methods of cultivation and farming. They do not know how to use manure and fertilizer. They are helpless victims of flood and drought. For irrigation of their land, they depend mainly on rains.

First necessity-eduction of peasants:

 The first thing necessary for the improvement of our agriculture is the eduction of our peasants. Their outlook must be changed. They should be taught the use of scientific methods by which the peasants of other countries get better crops. 

Other requisite measures: 

The Government should come forward to help the cultivators to get modern agricultural implements. Land should also be nationalized and  steps should be taken for collective farming. Flood control measures should be taken. Waste land should be brought under cultivation. Arrangements should be made for intensive cultivations by irrigation. Soll erosion should be stopped. Better seeds should be supplied to farmers at low prices. Arrangements should be made for giving cheap credit to farmers. The system of marketing should also be properly organised in order to ensure fair prices to the farmers for their products.


The Government of Bangladesh has taken up various schemes to improve the condition of agriculture. But the problems cannot be solved by any single agency or organisation but in the concerned efforts of the whole nation.

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