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handicrafts of bangladesh


Outlines: Introduction: Handloom weaving: Hand-spinning by charka Conch shell and ivory works; Cane and bamboo works, Pottery and image-making. Other crafts. Conclusion. 

Introduction: Handicrafts are crafts that are carried on by hand. Unlike the products of big industries the handicraft products bear marks of the skill of the artisans. Bangladesh has a good tradition in the production of handicraft goods.

Handloom weaving: 

Handloom weaving is by far the most important handicraft Industry in Bangladesh. Dhaka, the home of the world-famous Muslin industry, is still leading with her fine sarees ornamented with 'zoris' and her famous 'Zamdant the coloured sarees of Tangail, Pabna, Kushtia, Bagerhat, Mainamati, Joypara, etc. are noted for beauty and durability. Sarees of other qualities are made almost everywhere in Bangladesh by the tantis and karikars.

Hand-spinning by charka

Hand-spinning by the charka is carried on extensively in Bangladesh. In Noakhali and Comilla, khaddar cloths made of handspun yarn are produced in large quantities.

Conch-shell and ivory works: 

The conch shell works of Dhaka are famous. Buttons, bracelets, chains, rings, and small images are made of a conch shell. The craftsmen are known as Shankharies. Bangles, combs, necklaces, caskets, buttons, paperweights, etc, are made of ivory and mother-of-pearl in Bangladesh. Rangpur is famous for its fine ivory carving.

Cane and bamboo works: 

Two of the famous crafts of Bangladesh have come from bamboo works. Sylhet is an important center of the cane industry. Sylhet also produces 'Seetalpaties' which have the greatest reputation. Furniture of many kinds is made of bamboo. Charis, tables, benches, sofas, racks, and shelves are made of bamboo almost in every district of Bangladesh. Mats with various designs are made in Khulna.

Pottery and image-making: 

Pottery is a familiar craft in Bangladesh. People get their earthen pots, pitchers, and other earthenwares of daily use from the potters, Painted pottery and image-making are beautiful crafts also. The images made by the Hindu artisans on different occasions of the 'Pujas' prove their keen sense of beauty and design.

Other crafts: 

Of other handicrafts of Bangladesh, we may mention the silk products of Rajshahi. The carpenters also produce different kinds of furniture for household and other uses. The art, skill, and imagination of the simple village women of Bangladesh find charming expression in their embroidery works and other handiwork like kanthas, sikas, etc.


In fine, handicrafts are trying to keep up the heritage, tastes, and genius of our nation.

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