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Essay on the pen for class


Outlines: Introduction: Description: A thing of great use; Conclusion. 


 Some three years ago on my tenth birthday, I felt sorry because my uncle was away from us. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and the postman gave me a parcel. In it found a letter and present from my dear uncle. The present was a lovely fountain pen. Since that day the pen has become a fond possession of mine and have been keeping it with me with great care.


 It is a Japanese-made pilot pen in pink colour. It has an inside tube that supplies ink. It with all its parts is about six inches in length. It consists mainly of two parts: a body and a cap. The body has four parts: an inkholder, a mouth, a nibfitter, and a clip. The principal parts are made of plastic The nib and the nib fitter are closely connected with the mouth of the body. When the pen is on work, the cap is: placed on the top of the body. Otherwise. It is used as a covering for the nib. The nib is so constructed that the ink can smoothly flow through it. I can write with ease with a pen.

A thing of great use: 

The fountain pen is of great use to me. I use it whenever I write anything. In doing my homework I make a rough copy in pencil at first. Then I write all the fair copies with the fountain pen. For the last three years, I have written my answer scripts in all examinations with my fountain pen. With long and constant use the nib of the pen has become a little broad-pointed. Still, it writes well and I hope to write all the answer scripts in the coming S.S.C. Examination with this pen of mine.


The pen is as if it were an ornament to me and I shall always treasure it as a token of my uncle's profound love for me.

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