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Outlines: Introduction: Occasion: Arrangement of Journey: Description of the journey: Conclusion.

Introduction: Any journey is liked by me, but a journey by bus is really very pleasant. Once I had an opportunity to enjoy a journey by bus and it was the first pleasure trip in my life. 


It was the 15th of December of last year. My elder sister wrote to us to attend her brother-in-law's wedding ceremony. So my father permitted me to go to Chittagong and it was decided that I had to go there by bus.

Arrangement of the journey: 

On the morning of the 15th after taking my breakfast. I reached the Bus stand and purchased a ticket for Chittagong and got into the luxurious bus S. Alam with other passengers.

Description of the journey: 

Just at 11 a. m, the bus started from the station. The bus ran at a high speed and it did not stop anywhere. On the way. I enjoyed the beauty of green fields, canals, orchards and clumps of bamboo on both sides of the road. The tall trees with green leaves gave a nice view which filled my heart with joy. I had to go across rivers at Meghna Bridge and Daudkhandi Bridge. There I got an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauties of the rivers for a while.

It was evening. 

The sun was setting. The cowboys were walking homeward with their cattle. The last rays of the setting sun fell on the green fields. I was beside myself with joy at this beautiful sight At about 4. a.m. I reached my sister's house.


A bus journey is really a pleasant one. Its memory will linger in my mind so long as I live. So I think everyone should try to make a journey by bus whenever he gets a chance.

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