Write a polite letter to your neighbour to do something about his dog.

Your neighbour has a dog that keeps on barking all the time. This disturbs you particularly in the evening when you sit for your study. Write a polite letter to your neighbour to do something about his dog. 


Dear Mr Kar

You must have marked that your dog has, of late developed a peculiar habit of barking all the time. Only an expert can say why it behaves like this. We can only that there is something wrong with the dog. However, what I want to point out in this letter is that the hoarse barking of the dog disturbs us all the time every day. I feel very much disturbed, particularly in the evening, when I sit for my study. I cannot prepare for my lessons, because your dog keeps on barking. Sometimes I try to pay attention to my studies, ignoring the dog's barking. But every moment my attention is diverted, and I have to waste two to three hours' time every evening in this way.

My examination is drawing near and I don't know what I shall do. In these circumstances, I would request you to take remedial measures immediately so that I can prepare my lessons undisturbed from tomorrow onwards.

Yours sincerely,

L. K. Roy 

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