Your duties as a citizen Paragraph

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Your duties as a citizen

[Hints: Essential qualities of a citizen-a member of the civilized for society-abiding by social norms-living not merely for self but society participating in public life-serving the fellow citizens and the country.]

Students are the vanguards of a nation. The students are the citizens of a state. Every citizen is a part of the country to which he belongs. Citizens of a state bear some responsibilities and discharge some duties. So a student should build his career in such a way so that he can do service for the country and bear some responsibilities.

As a citizen, he should cultivate the habits of punctuality discipline, diligence. He should be truthful, honest and faithful. H should know the value of time. He should not waste his time in idle gossip. A student should be dutiful not only to his family but also to his society and country. They should do social services. They should drive away illiteracy. They should nurse the sick. They should remove the distress of the people during natural and national calamities. They should voice their protest against wrong and injustice.

Citizens can not enjoy rights without having to discharge some duties. In a democratic state like India, citizens have various rights. But in our country, most of the citizens refuse to extend cooperation in matters of public interest and they are reluctant to discharge their duties.

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