Study of History Paragraph Within 300 Words

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Study of History

[Hints: What History means its range from the land of our birth to the world from the ancient period to the modern- monuments and memorials providing historical knowledge-usefulness of history in our life.]

History is a very important subject. The development of a country is never possible without the proper study of History. It is History that enables us to know the development of mankind, decline and thoughts of great men. We can understand well by the study of History whether we are progressing or not.

Some people are of the opinion that History deals with past incidents and past affairs have nothing to do with modern activities. But it is completely a wrong notion. Everyone will agree today on the point that modern complex technology is just the continuation of the simple technology of the past. Hence we are related to History, to the past events in every step of our lives. So runs a proverb, History repeats itself. It means that the past incidents have some similarity with that of the present and teach people what to do in a critical situation.

Politics is also closely related to History. So to understand the politics of a country one must have good knowledge of History. History makes a man wise and experienced. So this subject should be taught very well from the primary stage.

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