Paragraph on Curiosity within 300 Words

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[ Hints: Urge to know the unknown - a force behind many a discovery/ invention leading to danger and degradation, if unhealthy conclusion.] 

Curiosity means showing a desire to know more. It is the characteristic feature of human beings of every age. In a word to know the unknown, to see the unseen is an eternal desire of man. If there would be no curiosity there would be no change in our life. Man would follow the thoughts of their forefather in every step of his life.

It is curiosity that leads a man to discover or invent a thing. Therefore all the discoveries and inventions of science are due to man's curiosity. Scientists like Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose, Sir Issac Newton and James Watt had enough curiosity which led them to invent the plant's life, the Law of gravitation and steam engine respectively. Again Man's step to the mars expedition in recent times is just the result of such curiosity in our life. Without it, life is dull, monotonous and tasteless.

But too much of anything is bad. So does curiosity. It some times lead to danger and destruction. So we should be very careful of its dark sides.

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