The future of English in India Paragraph with 300 Words

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 The future of English in India

[ Hints: The English language in India, a legacy of the colonial rule --the gradual spreading of the study of English in schools its deep roots in Indian soil-place and usefulness of English after independence-conclusion.]

India is now a free country. But it was under British rule for a long time. The English introduced English in schools and colleges. It has passed more than fifty years since the English left India. But English is a legacy of colonial rule. It is gradually spreading in schools. It is now deep-rooted all over India in our daily life, in private offices, government offices and commercial institutions.

After independence, the importance of English cannot be denied. In an age of science, the Indians need the expansion of their scientific thought and activities. It is English that opens the wide doors before India. To build up her new education on a strong foundation India should not miss the rich treasury of literature. English has fostered indirectly a national unity. It is through English that communication between a South Indian and a Sikh, between a Bengalee and a Sindhi, is established today. English is necessary for higher education. Good reference books are written in English. Except these, English is a good official language. We see that English plays a most significant role in the modern world. India needs English boldly. Indeed, it is difficult to conceive of a modern India without English

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