Paragraph on A family get together Within 300 Words

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A family get together

A family get together

[ Hints: Occasion of the get-together participants and their activities - your role and your impression of the day. ]

I can never forget the sad day when my grandfather left this mortal world forever. As soon as we got the news of his death we burst into tears. My grandfather lived at Narayanpur. On the day of his death, all his relatives went there. I wish my parents and sisters reached there on the morning of that day. It was a family. get together of

Many people were coming one by one with the shadow of grief on their faces. Women were wailing. My mother fainted and fainted. I, too, cannot describe in words how I felt at that sad hour. It was a great loss for all of us. Everyone was speaking of his honesty, of his truthfulness, of his simplicity and above all of his deep love and justice for all members of the family. Even neighbours expressed deep sorrow over his death and tears was seen in their eyes.

However, he was taken to the cremation ground at 1.30 p.m. We returned home from the cremation ground at 3 p.m. Everyone was given a light tiffin but none was found eating. The thought that everyone has room in his heart for my good grandfather makes me happy to some extent. The memory of the sad day is still fresh in my mind when we get together.

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