Our School Short Essay For KIDS - আমাদের বিদ্যালয়

Our School Short Essay For KIDS - আমাদের বিদ্যালয়: In this post we are share Our School Essay for kids (Class III to VIII). Below describe Our School Short Essay For KIDS - আমাদের বিদ্যালয়. Read Also - Essay on Policeman for KIDS, Short Essay on Policeman

Our School Short Essay For KIDS


1. Introduction (ভূমিকা)
 The name of our school is Dhak Dhol High School. It is one of the famous schools in the district. It was established in 1960. It is a well reputed school in the district of Dakshin Dinajpur.

Location ( অবস্থান )
 It is situated in the Dhak Dhol  where Govt. service holder live. It faces the south.

Description ( বর্ণনা ):
 The school house is made of bricks. It is an 'L' shaped two storeyed building. There are twenty five rooms in our school. One is Headmaster's room, one is teacher's common room, one is office room and the other rooms are used for class works. There is large field in front of the school. There are about three thousand and five hundred students and sixty teachers in our school. The school runs in two shifts. Girls read in the morning shift and boys are taught in the noon shift Our Headmaster is an MA BEd. Other teachers are also good and qualified, They are all kind to us.

Results ( ফলাফল): 
The results of the school is quite satisfactory. Every year a good number of students come out successful in the Madhyamik. as well as in the Junior Scholarship Examination. Our school has a good name and fame in games and sports also.

Conclusion ( উপসংহার ) :
Our school is one of the best school in the district. The school is on the way to progress. The managing committee is trying its best to make it an ideal school. We are really proud of our school.

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