A Journey down Memory Lane Paragraph within 300 words

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A Journey down Memory Lane

[ Hints: An unexpected holiday at noon- bringing back some memories-sweet and bitter--a particular incident in your life journey coming to an end at the sudden call of your mother.]

It was the 2nd of June 2020. Suddenly the news comes to our school. It was about the death of our class-mate Robin. We heard the news of his accident yesterday. He was in a hospital. For this, all the classes were dissolved. I came back home. My heart was full of sorrow. I lay on the bed to take a rest. I was thinking about Robin. He always stood first in the class. He loved me too much. Every year he came to my house on my birthday.

The first day of last month on 10th May was an important day in my life. It was my 18th birthday. I wore new clothes. In the evening my friends and relatives came in with gifts. Robin also came with a camera to take photos of important moments. He presented me with a costly pen which is now in my pocket. Robin sang a Rabindra Sangeet. All appreciated his song. The day was very enjoyable for me. 

Suddenly I woke up from my sleep at the sudden call of my mother. So the journey down memory lane ended. But my heart filled with sorrow to think that Robin, my friend, is no more.

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