Sports in human life Paragraph Within 300 Words

Sports in human life Paragraph Within 300 Words: We share the importance of sports paragraph, paragraph on sports, the importance of sports in a students life, short essay on value of sports, the importance of sports and games essay, sports essay introduction, benefits of sports essay, essay about sports in school, Write a paragraph (between 200-225 words) on Sports is human life.

Sports is human life

Sports is human life

[ Hits- Sports mould both body and mind-develop physical strength. steady nerves-teach sense of discipline-stimulate the will to win, the desire for united efforts-train a person to accept both triumph and defeat in good grace.]

Games and sports have great value in our life. They are food to the body and mind. Sports develop our physical strength. Sports keep us physically fit. They make our body strong. stout and skilful. They also develop quickness of movement. the quickness of decision, and firmness of character. They give us the inspiration to fight in a life of struggle for existence. They ensure national unity, integrity, friendship, universal brotherhood and international understanding Sports train us to accept both triumph and defeat in good grace. Games and sports foster team spirit. Sports can build our character complete and perfect. They enable us to get an opportunity for exchanging ideas and reduce the possibility of wars. They develop our mental make-up and broaden our outlook in life. The progress and prosperity of a nation depend upon its standard of games and sports. If sports are not politicised, they can do a lot of good to us for the progress of the nation.

It may be concluded that a man without a culture of games and sports is imperfect and incomplete. So, we must take part in games and sports to make our life complete and perfect.

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