The necessity of Physical fitness Paragraph

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The necessity of Physical fitness Paragraph

The necessity of Physical fitness

[Good health, most important in life-wealth or education of little use to a person of ill health-diseased body making mind diseased nutrition, exercise and disciplined life for physical fitness-benefits of physical fitness.]

'Health is wealth is not merely a proverb but it is a universal truth. In a man's life, good health is a treasure which is most important to enjoy a happy life. A wealthy man of ill-health cannot enjoy anything to his heart's content. Life becomes a burden to an educated person of ill health. Being a book-worm he may acquire much knowledge but without good health, he will lose all happiness in life. So, everybody should have to aim at possessing good health from his childhood; otherwise, he may fall victim to many diseases and a diseased body causes a diseased mind. A diseased person loses his strength, energy and enthusiasm for doing any work he needs in his life. He is deprived of all sorts of enjoyment.

In fact, physical fitness is required in every sphere of our life. Without physical fitness, none can perform his duty to the family, to the society, even to the country satisfactorily. Physical fitness which is so much important in our life comes through regular physical exercise and leading a disciplined life. Everybody, young or old, should take regular physical exercise to enjoy a happy life and at the same time, he will have to take nutritious food through a balanced diet. None can possess good health only through physical exercise without nutritious food. On the other hand, over-eating and over-exercise tell upon one's health. So disciplined life is very much essential for our physical fitness. Physical education should be made compulsory in schools and colleges because without physical fitness, education is of no use in our life.

A brilliant student having no physical fitness cannot shine in life. Similarly, a player for a team, a member for a family and a soldier for a country cannot shoulder any responsibility he requires to fulfil. Physical fitness means a sound mind in a sound body and such a person having physical fitness is an asset to a team, to a family, to society and even to a country.

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