Uses and abuses of the Television - Paragraph

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Uses and abuses of the Television

 [The most powerful medium of modern times-variety of programmes-entertaining and educative—a welcome destruction after a day's hard work-often harmful, particularly to students, preventing concentration affecting moral values etc.--conclusion.) 

Uses and abuses of the Television - Paragraph

'Television, one of the marvels of modern science, was once a boon only for Sanjoy in the Mahabharata but in modern times it has become the most powerful medium of mass communication. It has now brought the whole world into our drawing room. Even a few years ago only Radio was the most powerful means for quick mass communication for supplying various news but now Television supplies us with the news as well as provides us with the pictures of the events that take place in different places. Various types of programmes are held in different channels of T.V. for the persons of all age groups. Drama, dance, music, discovery on animal kingdom, games, social and cultural festivals, film-show etc. are for our entertainment and acquiring knowledge in different subjects. Political affairs like International conferences debates and discussion in the Parliament, election-campaigns, activities and positions of the countries of the world etc. come to our knowledge through a T. V. The country people can have a clear picture of the town-life and the Town-living persons can have the knowledge of the country life. So a T. V. serves the purpose of the audio-visual aids of education and entertainment.

Everybody remains busy with their works to be performed daily. After a day's hard labour he becomes exhausted and tired. Then a T.V. is a welcome to him for a little rest and relaxation through recreation. In spite of so many effective qualities, sometimes a T.V. becomes harmful, particularly to students. A grown-up person can realise what is good and what is bad but the children and the teenagers are unable to justify what is to be accepted. Love affairs and criminal activities easily attract them most. As a result, two boys of four years of age can easily kill a girl of three without thinking pros and cons. Sometimes they commit suicidal activities unknowingly by following a few dreadful advertisements and incredible serials.

A T.V. prevents students from their concentration in studies and affects their moral values by presenting some anti-social characters and their vindictive actions. Though a T. V. appears to be the idiot box' apparently it should not be blamed for the abuses because the producers are responsible for this. The T.V. is a great gift of science. It depends on us whether it is to be made good or evil.

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