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Our Village (আমাদের গ্রাম): In this post we are sharing My Village Essay | Essay on My Village for Students, My Village Essay for Students and Children, My Village Essay in English, Essay on “My Village” Complete Essay for Class V, Class VI ,  Class VII,  Class VIII,  Class IX .My Village Essay in English for Kids and Students 300 Words.

Our Village

Our Village (আমাদের গ্রাম)

Introduction: The name of our village is It is a big village of  Ghatsa. It is a Big village of Kushmandi Thana in Dakshin Dinajpur.

location : It stands two kilometres of Kushmandi Thana.

Description : It is two kilometres long and one kilometres broad. There are many pacca and katcha roads in this village. They connect with one another. Most of the house of the village. are tin-shed. There are some pacca building also. 

Population: More then eight thousand people live here. Half of the people are Hindus and the rest are

Muslims. Most of them live by business and services. 

Importance : Ours is an ideal village. It is the home of many educated and respectable gentlemen. There are two high schools for boys and one for girls. There are also one post office, one banks, one Junior High School, one family planning centre and one primary schools in our village. Most of the villagers are educated. All of them live in peace and amity. 

Climate: The river Tangon flows by the western is village. This river plays an important role for the 

climate of our village. There are many reserved tanks and tube wells here. They supply us pure drinking water. 

Conclusion: Our village is a progressive one. We are quite happy here. We shall try our best to make it an ideal village. 

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